Erwin Theelen

After the Univeristy of applied sciences in 1995 Erwin started working for environmental protection agencies and later as an EHS consultant for various industries. From 2005 till 2010 he was a specialist at the Dutch helpdesks for air pollution and REACH & CLP. As a helpdesk member he provided many international courses and supported the development & implementation of new policy and binding rules.

Since Erwin worked for all parties in the environmental field, he understands their interests and speaks their languages. Besides his specialism and experience, Erwin has a broad technical knowledge and interest. He is purposeful, accurate and above all pleasant to work with. With enthusiasm he transfers knowledge and turns it into practical solutions.

In 2010 he started Tenviro as a freelance expert in the field of industrial air pollution and chemicals legislation. See his reference projects of follow Erwin on LinkedIn

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